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Profitability from investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies 4900%
Profitability from investing in shares (S&P 500) 7-10%
Profitability from bank deposits 1-3%
  Cryptocurrencies and blockchain offer a lot of potential with investing.

Hedrich Vanlon Smith, CEO at MayFlower

Hello! Welcome to my personal page!

My name is Dennis, I’m certified Digital Assets Advisor and De- Fi Analyst with more than 5 years of experience in investing in cryptocurrencies.

My crypto CV:

⚝  Sarson Funds Crypto Advisor Certificate (USA)

⚝  Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets DACFP Educational Center (USA)

⚝  Author and host of YouTube channel HelpInvest

⚝  Providing advice on investing in cryptocurrencies for individuals and legal entities

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You really need my consultation if:

You want to invest in crypto, but don’t know how to start

You have a bad experience in investing in crypto

You want to get a passive income of cryptocurrencies you have already earned

You want to create a financial cushion

You have free funds and want to invest with profits

You want to earn money for retirement, children’s adulthood, etc.

What stops clients from investing in crypto?

They think that cryptocurrency is difficult and risky to invest...

They prefer to keep money at the bank with 1-3% or in cash And could sign in for a consultation and get a guaranteed income from 20%

They used margin trading with leverage...

And they lose all their savings in a high volatile market! Instead of consulting and getting a steady income

‘’I’ll handle the investment myself’’…

And they spend much time and efforts to find out, lose money on commissions and intraday trading, etc. And could get advice, save a lot of time and money.

‘’Now is the price is too high and I want to buy the dip’’…

But when the market falling, they’re afraid and cancel their orders. If you have the right investment strategy, you don’t have to wait for a right time to buy.

They choose risky projects to invest in…

And they lose up to 99% of their funds in a falling market.My strategies include only reliable balanced instruments.

They are afraid and don't invest at all...

and their savings are not protected against inflation. And you could sign up for a consultation and get a guaranteed income from 20% APY


You can pay in any cryptocurrency at the current rate!

# Base

+ Individual consultation for 45 minutes


Payment in any cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate

# Standart


+ 3 individual consultations

+ Investment portfolio


Payment in any cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate

# Premium

+ Individual consultation once per month during one year

+ Individual long-term investment strategy according to your goals

+ Rebalancing of investment portfolio within one year

+ Special bonuses (NET and tokens drop)

490 USDT

Payment in any cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate

  I do think Bitcoin is the first crypto that has the potential to do something like change the world.

Peter Thiel, Co-Founder of Paypal

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